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Floor Cleaners / Wood Filler

If your wood flooring develops any damage over time, a wood filler may be required. This will help make holes and deep scratches hidden, and keep your floor looking good as new. It is important to choose the filler that most resembles your floor’s shade, so please consult the Luxury Flooring team on 01 695 0712 for advice on your specific floor. In this section, we also stock high quality Osmo cleaning products, which are well respected in the industry and can keep your wood floor looking as it did at purchase. This includes a spray cleaner and liquid wax cleaner depending on what kind of cleaning needs to be done - again, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. The cleaning products we stock are able to clean any type of floor without causing damage, although you should always consult the manufacturer directly to confirm what can and can’t be used on your particular floor. Always test the product in a hidden area first.

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