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Oils, Waxes and Lacquer

Floors that are unfinished, come with a lacquered or oiled finish, or have recently been sanded will need re-finishing at some point. When it gets to this point, you will need a product that can do the job on your particular floor. We have oils and lacquers of all shades to suit every floor we sell - please consult our team on 01 695 0712 to find out which would be best for yours. It is possible to use a different finish (e.g. oil or lacquer) to the one you had in the first place, as long as you remove the original finish by sanding first. This allows you to make a different look on your floor without paying for a full new one. The products we stock are able to finish any type of floor without causing damage, although you should always consult the manufacturer directly to confirm what can and can’t be used on your particular floor. Always test the product in a hidden area first to make sure you like the look of it and it doesn’t cause any unexpected reaction.

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