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Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered flooring is a type of hardwood flooring that makes an excellent alternative to solid wood flooring. It is more practical in many ways, making it more versatile to a wider variety of environments, and for this reason is often more popular. It differs due to its construction, which involves a solid wood surface layer, supported by timber layers below this. We have a wide range of styles, species, finishes and shades available at the lowest prices here at Luxury Flooring.

Why Choose Engineered Wood?

Engineered is constructed using less wood, meaning it is often cheaper and much more environmentally friendly due to reduced deforestation. It also looks identical to solid wood flooring due to the surface layer being solid - not even experts will be able to tell the difference. This way you can still achieve the natural look. The difference however is in practicality - an engineered floor is stronger in terms of withstanding warping and shrinkage under high moisture or humid conditions, or in rooms with fluctuations temperatures. This makes it suitable in kitchens, conservatories with lots of natural light, and other rooms where spillages occur. We do not recommend using it in bathrooms though, as it is not 100% waterproof, just more water resistant than solid wood.

How Is It Made?

3-12 layers of wood composite such as HDF or plywood are cross layered, glued and pressed together, then a hardwood lamella layer is placed on top of these with same glueing and pressing method.

There are three types of engineered flooring: multi ply, three ply and high-density fibreboard (HDF). These simply refer to the wood composite that supports the top solid wood veneer, and can determine pricing and quality of a floor.

Multi ply are the strongest engineered floors, as several layers of fused plywood are used, but of course are more expensive as a result. 3 Ply floors use the same method, but with only three layers of plywood, making them cheaper but also slightly less strong. This means you should not use them in homes with heavy footfall. HDF fuses several layers of wood fibres using intense pressure - this creates an almost impenetrable material, perfect for areas with high impact.

What Different Styles Are Available?

As with solid wood, it is important to consider finish and grade. Finishes we stock include unfinished, hand scraped, lacquered, oiled, brushed and lacquered, or brushed and oiled. Unfinished means no finish has been applied, making it the most natural but least protected from damage, although you can finish it yourself at home. Hand Scraped is flooring that has been 'scraped' by hand to look more authentic rustic and distressed. Lacquered floors have a protective layer applied, and this lays on top like a film to protect the floor, making it appear shinier. Oiled floors offer protection just as well, but the oil seeps into the wood to do this, causing the natural look to be unaffected. Floors that have been brushed have been made to look more rustic during production, so like hand scraped floors, scratches and other damage will only add to the look of the floor over time.

Wood grading ranges from prime, to select, to natural and finally rustic. These are progressively the least to most natural looking. Prime contains the least variations like knots, sap, colour variation or mineral stains, and as a result looks the most uniform. Rustic on the other hand contains knots, sap, colour variation and mineral stains for example, making it the most natural looking grade available.

It is important to note that being a natural product, it is impossible to tell exactly how your floor will look, due to the slight colour variations with different batches and unpredictability of knots. We recommend prime grade or a non-wood floor for a more predictable and uniform look.


Solid wood looks identical to engineered floors, but if you would like a wooden look with suitability in bathrooms, try laminate or LVT with a wood effect - both are available on our site.

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