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3 Ply Engineered Flooring

3 ply refers to the construction of engineered flooring. On these floors, there are 2 layers of plywood supporting the wood veneer above, usually by the process of cross layering, glueing and tight pressing. The more layers of plywood there are, the thicker and therefore more durable the flooring will be. It is however important to consider the expense that comes with more layers, and the height of doors in your room that may need adjusting if a thicker option is used. This is where 3 ply is often superior to multi ply.

3 Ply’s engineered characteristics, like durability, come from the fact the grains of the woods used run in different directions, reducing natural warping and shrinking. In addition, the middle ‘core’ layer is made of softer wood, and the base layer made of a harder one, to better support the floor and make it more functional. The core layer is usually thicker than the harder base layer, as this is where the tongue and groove is placed.

These floors tend to be thinner than multi ply ones, but this can vary based on the wear layer thickness. The advantage of this thinness is in the ability of underfloor heating to be transferred better, short rooms to appear taller and tall furniture to better fit in a room. It is also a better value option in rooms that see less footfall, such as quiet bedrooms and kitchens, further aided by the fact engineered flooring can handle spillages without conceding damage.

The construction you choose will not affect the look of the flooring in your home, and it will look just the same as a solid wood product thanks to the wooden wear layer. You may wish to choose a thicker engineered floor for a high footfall home, or a multi ply option.

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