HDF Engineered Oak Flooring

HDF refers to the construction of engineered flooring. On these floors, there are several layers of high density fibreboard (HDF) supporting the wood veneer above, created through the process of fusing wood particles with intense pressure to create sturdy boards. This make the floors almost impenetrable and therefore perfect for high impact areas that may cause other flooring to become damaged.

HDF is ideal in environments where there will be children running around, high footfall or great impact. This includes commercial environments, schools, and generally busy homes. The material is also great for the environment, as it often uses recycled offcuts from other manufacturing processes that would be otherwise unused. This makes them ideal for those who care about the planet, combined with the fact less wood is used on an engineered floor than a solid one.

Lookswise, the construction you choose will not affect the look of the flooring in your home, and the flooring will look just the same as a solid wood product thanks to the wooden wear layer.

HDF is cheaper than plywood constructed engineered flooring, but it isn’t quite as resilient as multi ply. Although there is a slight difference, this is made up for by the use of planks that are less thick and wide in HDF flooring. The thinner they are, the less strain there is on the floor when people walk on it - by choosing overall smaller planks you will be getting the same durability as multi ply. It is also possible that some plywood products may be weaker than HDF based on which type of plywood is used, Fo4r example, pine is soft in comparison to HDF, which is hard, dense and tightly compressed. We recommend ordering free samples and getting them independently evaluated by an expert to find which is ideal for your environment.

HDF is not recommended in high moisture areas, which makes it unusual for an engineered floor. This is because its original dimensions are less likely to return after moisture absorbs in into the core. However, it is still superior to solid wood for its price, variety of wood species and environmentally friendly characteristics for example.

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