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Multi-Ply Engineered Flooring

Multi Ply refers to the construction of engineered flooring. On these floors, there are 4-12 layers of fused plywood supporting the wood veneer above, usually by the process of cross layering, glueing and tight pressing. This makes them the strongest engineered floors available - the more layers of plywood there are, the thicker and therefore more durable the flooring will be. It is however important to consider the expense that comes with more layers, and the height of doors in your room that may need adjusting if a thicker option is used.

Although multi ply is more expensive, it is very much worth the money. This is because it is less likely to become damaged by moisture or temperature changes than 3 ply or HDF constructions. Essentially, the benefits that people like about engineered flooring and become determining factors for its purchase are amplified with multi ply flooring, so if practicality is what you want, there will be a floor in this range for you.

Like all engineered flooring constructions, there are many varieties to choose form in terms of shade, grain variation, grading and other factors, but in this collection there are a larger variety of wood species available. This is because the thickness of multi ply allows softer woods such as Walnut or Larch to be used without risking damage and a short lifespan - multi ply is therefore also great for getting a less typical floor alongside the practical benefits of harder wood options.

Other constructions may be a better option for you, such as the thinner 3 ply, if you rely on underfloor heating to heat up your home. Heat is much better transferred through thinner ones, so feel free to order free samples of each and consider your decision in depth.

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