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Brushed & Lacquered Engineered Wood Flooring

These floors have had a lacquer applied in order to offer surface protection that prevents the penetration of moisture into the wood, and creates a shiny appearance. This benefit aids the ability of engineered wood to resist moisture even moreso, enabling maximum protection. The brushing adds a more rustic look by removing new growth and allowing the natural knots and grain to come through more clearly, meaning the lacquer is not too modern or overwhelming. A brushed texture is also created, but this varies depending on which type of lacquer is applied

Why Brushed and Lacquered Engineered Flooring?

The shine on the floor enables it to look classy and modern, whereas the brushed effect makes it appear more traditional - the contradiction of these creates a beautiful floor that embraces both the modern and the classic, and as a result works well in any home. A room with these floors is given personality and character, as well as functional protection and easy cleaning, making it suitable for a wider range of environments that floors without this finish. The engineered construction also allows this - engineered flooring can better withstand changes in heat, moisture and humidity, making these floors suitable it kitchens or conservatories or rooms with lots of natural light. The wood look is identical to that of solid wood, yet the practicality is much greater.

The shine and texture of brushed and lacquered flooring can be tailored depending on whether you choose a gloss, semi-gloss or matt lacquer, so feel free to order as many free samples as you like to find the perfect choice.


For a natural looking floor that is protected, try brushed and oiled for less shine. Oil seeps into the wood instead of creating a film, meaning a different look is achieved with oiled floors, but the same practical benefits. Alternatively, try a brushed and lacquered solid floor if you wish to sand your floor down and finish it with a different lacquer in future - solid wood allows this to occur much more over its lifespan depending on thickness.

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