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Brushed & Oiled Engineered Wood Flooring

These floors have oil applied to give protection to a floor. This works by the oil seeping in and preventing the surface and internal wood from absorbing moisture. The brushed effect adds a rustic appearance to the floor too, making it appear more authentically worn and distressed. This combination helps give a traditional look to your home.

Why Brushed and Oiled Engineered Flooring?

On engineered flooring, a brushed and oiled finish will look identical to a solid wood floor, be protected whilst retaining its natural appearance, and thanks to the properties of engineered wood, be able to withstand warping and shrinkage very well. Brushed and Oiled floors are also traditional in appearance, being that they appear more rustic, natural and lack a shiny surface that a lacquer would offer. Despite this, you get the same surface protection, plus further internal protection due to the oil’s ability to seep into the wood veneer. These floors help a room appear more warm, welcoming and homely, whilst being kept safe from any spillages and damage that may occur in family homes.


A lacquered floor offers protection to the surface only, and lays on the floor like a film, creating a shinier look in comparison to oil. It also may reduce the natural look and feel of a wood floor, depending on if brushing is involved or not. Brushing helps retain the natural feel with a lacquer, but not so much a natural look.

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