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Distressed and Reclaimed Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Distressed flooring is a highly rustic flooring option that is desired by those who enjoy a vintage, antique or reclaimed wood look. Our floors are better than authentically distressed flooring, as we can guarantee quality knowing that they are newly made and tested by our manufacturers - genuine antique flooring may have been sanded many times, well worn and not have much life left in it. They would also likely be solid wood, meaning you wouldn't get the same great moisture, humidity and high temperature resistance of an engineered floor.

Why Choose Distressed Engineered Flooring?

No distressed flooring is the same, but all will include a random variation of cracks, blemishes, colour variation (presenting as the wood's natural colour in whitewashed floors), knots and other natural imperfections that occur in production and upon heavy use. This is beneficial for creating a traditional and homely look, making one feel humbled and connected to the past. Any scratches or dents caused by buyers of these floors will only add to the look, meaning you will get excellent value for money in even the highest footfall homes with the clumsiest occupants.

Distressed floors can replicate not only worn down flooring of the past two or so centuries, but may even be reminiscent of the 'old world' and ancient times when wood flooring would have been naturally distressed due to limited technology. This gives these floors character, personality, and a story to tell.

Sanding these floors may alter the natural imperfections or staining, particularly if they are whitewashed in a distressed fashion which is hard to replicate with re-finishing. For this reason, we do not recommend sanding, and this is why a distressed engineered floor is much more beneficial than a thicker and more expensive solid wood alternative.


Authentic antiques may be the only alternative, but these will not be as sturdy as modern engineered wood varieties we sell on this page. Try those with oiled or lacquered finishes for added protection to both the floor and homeowner's feet/shoes, respectively.

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