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Hand Scraped Engineered Wood Flooring

Hand Scraped is growing in popularity, yet is traditional in its methods. It involves scraping the wood by hand to create a more antique appearance, in the sense that scrape marks from a draw knife will be present. These are present in genuine antique flooring, giving your floor the traditional look whilst still being as durable and smooth as a new floor, and with all the practical benefits of engineered flooring. As this finish was once and sometimes still is achieved by hand, it has the appeal and character of a vintage wood floor that would have received the same treatment due to the absence of machinery when manufacturing flooring.

Why Hand Scraped Engineered Flooring?

This finish offers class and character to any room, and doesn’t look out of place in any surroundings. It may look as though it has been a fixture in the home for decades, and therefore makes a home seem much more prestigious, comforting and homely. There is also a rustic and unique look created, as no hand scraped floor will be the same.

As they are available in varying species and additional finishes such as staining, hand scraped floors can be personalised to modern tastes and trends whilst retaining the traditional wood floor look. Any scratches or dents will only add to the look of the flooring, blending in with the design. This damage will also be less visible due to the way the design reflects light.

Sanding these floors can diminish the look of the flooring - it all depends on how deep the finish goes. Some of the bevels and grooves will disappear more each time you sand these floors. This is why we recommend engineered flooring for hand scraped finishes - there is no need to buy a thicker solid floor if sanding will not be taking place often, or at all - unless of course you desire the prestige of a solid floor.


There is no similar alternative to hand scraped flooring aside from genuine antiques made using this method, or solid wood variations. We recommend ordering free samples of solid and engineered varieties to see which you prefer.

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