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Invisible Lacquered Wood Flooring

If you wish for the protection of a lacquer, but are afraid of the way it may affect the look of your flooring, choose an invisible lacquered product. Invisible lacquers offer the exact same film-like layer of protection as a regular lacquer, but the shade of the wood will be exactly as nature intended. If you wish for an effective and subtle layer of protection, this is the ideal finish for you.

Lacquers are popular since they are so easy to maintain even in the busiest and messiest of households. Due to the protective layer, water cannot seep into the floor, helping it stay protected from moisture damage and staining from spillages. To clean a lacquered floor, you simply need to wipe away spillages with kitchen roll or a damp mop. This differs to an oil, which instead seeps into the floor to offer protection and can allow water and crumbs to become stuck within grooves.

Lacquers also provide a smoother look and feel to engineered flooring, which helps adds comfort underfoot even on rustic floors, although the grain of the floor will still be visible. This is helpful for those who enjoy rustic looks but not the texture - and even moreso with the invisible variety that enables grain to shine through further! In terms of practicality, lacquers help avoid scratching caused by pet claws or clumsy kids, so in years to come once the lacquer has worn away, the floor will still be in tip top condition.

It will be years before you need to sand and refinish a lacquered floor, but when the time comes you will need to do this to retain the lacquered protection and smoothness that was present on initial purchase. To determine how many times you can do this in the floor’s lifetime, you only need to look at the wear layer - approximately one sanding can take place for every mm of wear layer - and as this only needs to be carried out every 10-15 years, you can rest assured you are getting value for money.

Overall, if you need a protected floor that will look good as new for a lifetime, and want a natural looking floor that is rustic in appearance but not texture, invisible lacquer is ideal for you.

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