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Invisible Oiled Engineered Wood Flooring

Invisible oil allows a floor’s natural character to shine though. This is because the oil does not affect the look of a floor that is otherwise unfinished, but still adds protection. The oil works by seeping into the wood veneer, offering surface protection and protection deep into the wood. This prevents moisture penetrating the wood, which, combined with the engineered floor’s ability to resist warping better in wet environments, means there are many rooms you could use this flooring in.

Why Choose Invisible Oiled Engineered Flooring?

Alone, invisible oil can make a floor protected yet look unfinished. This is a great alternative to unfinished flooring if you enjoy this pure look but have a busy home and want your floor to last as long as possible. With this finish, the natural look of the wood will also come through, offering a rustic, homely and attractive appearance. Combined with other finishes, invisible oil offers protection without affecting the look of a stain or the knots and grain for example. Although invisible oil does not affect the shade of a floor, natural wood products often have natural variations in shade due to the different trees used - expect flooring to differ per batch and be perhaps slightly different in shade compared to pictures.

Upon any damage or wearing of oil, simply re-oil that part of the floor - unlike a lacquer or regular oil that may affect the shade, invisible oil will simply blend in and you will not be able to tell that area of the floor has been tended to. This will also reduce the amount you need to sand the floor, which is useful in engineered flooring that cannot be sanded down as much as solid wood.


A lacquer finish would instead offer protection by creating a film layer. This may make a floor shinier and slightly effect the look of the flooring by way of making it more modern looking and slightly less natural, but is to the taste of some customers. If this sounds like a look you would prefer, please order free samples and find which is best for you.

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