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Pale and Grey Engineered Wood Flooring

Pale engineered flooring, including grey flooring, can easily make a home look more modern, stylish and elegant. It has a timeless appearance that will last through the many years an engineered floors allows, which is often a lifetime. this collection includes light wooden floors as well as stained white and grey varieties that can create different looks in a home.

Why Choose Pale or Grey Engineered Flooring?

Pale wooden floors open up a room and make it seem larger, more welcoming and more classy. White floors can also open up a room, and have the benefit of making a room appear much lighter if the room is too dark, or well complimented and positive if the room has lots of natural light. These make a home seem more unique too, as do grey floors. Grey is the most elegant non-natural shade available, and really makes a home appear modern and elegant. Try any of these floors amongst dark furnishings and you will create a perfect contrast of dark and light. Alternatively, white or cream with light wooden floors can also look excellent. Please order free samples to witness how a pale floor can bring out the colour much better in any colour furnishings, and decide which is best for you.


Try looking through our engineered whitewashed flooring range for other light floors, or take a look at LVT and laminate options if you don’t mind a non-natural products. These have much more options in terms of colour and are suitable for bathrooms too unlike engineered wood flooring.

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