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Smoked & Fumed Engineered Wood Flooring

Smoking a floor allows its grain to become darker, making it an attractive rustic-looking option without the texture of a rustic floor. Although textures can be added through additional finishes, smoked alone does not cause a texture, only a rustic look. This makes it suitable in homes were walking barefoot is common or children and pets may be bothered by it. There are many variations in smoked flooring colours - from red, to brown, and even black.

Why Choose Smoked Engineered Flooring?

Smoked engineered flooring looks unique and individual to each home due to the differing grain and knots in natural wooden floors. This, along with the sheer look of the finish, allows it to give your room a rustic feel, which is warm, welcoming and homely. The dark shade also aids this, as darker tones are known calm people and make them feel at home. An engineered floor also causes warping and shrinkage to be minimal in wet or warm conditions, meaning underfloor heating can be used to maximise the cosy effect that suits the appearance, unlike solid wood alternatives which would become damaged.

Engineered flooring is smoked by leaving the wood veneer in an ammonia-filled atmosphere - this causes tannins in the wood to rise which naturally darkens it in appearance. The longer it is left, the darker the wood becomes. As tannins are natural, the smoked effect runs deeply in the wood rather than just shallowly on the surface like an artificial finish would. This means sanding can occur and the smoked look will remain, although the amount of times you can sand an engineered floor depends on the wear layer thickness. That being said, it is still preferable to solid wood in that you will save money and help the environment. It also will not need to be sanded for a very long time (up to 20 years) if in low footfall areas or otherwise well maintained following our maintenance guides. These can be found in each product description under the ‘installation’ tab.


Try naturally darker woods such as walnut or those with stronger grain. We stock a large range of products with different finishes and grains that may replicate the smoked look but with other specifications that better suit your needs. Please order free samples and browse our full range to find your dream floor.

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