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White Washed Oak Flooring & White Engineered Wood Flooring

Whitewashed engineered flooring is that that has had its veneer thoroughly brushed and then bathed in a white wood stain. It improves the look of a room both aesthetically and psychologically, and can be utilised in a wide variety of environments. If you need something different and attractive, but with the added moisture resistant benefits of engineered flooring, these are the floors for you.

Why Choose Whitewashed Engineered Flooring?

White flooring brightens a room, which is useful in rooms that have little light or dark decor that is overwhelming. It also works well in rooms with plenty of natural light due to the way both this and the floor can make a room seem much more positive and welcoming. Most of all, white is used by many to open a small room up and make it seem larger. There are clearly many versatile uses for whitewashed engineered flooring, not to mention its gorgeous and unique appearance. A clean white floor compliments the state of the art engineered boards very well. Both are modern, beautiful and practical, and we recommend them for any home.


Although engineered flooring resists spillages well, using a whitewashed floor will show these and other dirt up easily. We recommend using whitewashed flooring in rooms without spillages therefore, or instead using a grey engineered floor that can add style without showing dirt and spillages as easily.

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