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Brushed & Lacquered Engineered Oak Flooring

Brushed and lacquered flooring is the perfect way to add protection to your floor, but still enhance the natural look. The brushing process will make the grain and other natural qualities stand out and help make the wood appear more textured, whereas the lacquer will add a protective film that prevents it feeling rough underfoot - perfect for children who have delicate feet - and stop liquids seeping into the wood or staining it.

Oils also protect the floor, but keep the texture intact, which isn't to everybody's tastes. Lacquers are also much easier to clean, requiring only a wipe with a mop or use of a vacuum cleaner. The engineered properties also add to the practicality, as the plywood layers underneath the surface create a moisture, heat and humidity resistance that solid oak simply doesn't have.

The best thing about combining brushed and lacquered finishes means scratches that are usually made visible by a lacquer are counteracted by the brushing, and therefore remain hidden. The way the light falls on the finish helps achieve this, and makes the floor suitable in homes with children or pets.

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