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Brushed & Oiled Engineered Oak Flooring

Engineered flooring is made up of plywood layers topped by a hardwood veneer - in this case a brushed and oiled one. This means you will be able to get that authentic brushed and oiled wood look with much more practicality than a solid alternative. This comes in the form of stability, and greater resistance to moisture, humidity and fluctuating temperatures.

This finish is highly sought after, as there is a great elegance, character and warmth added. This is thanks to the texture created from the brushing process, as well as the authentic wood being preserved yet protected due to the oil. Several layers of this are applied to our floors, to ensure scratches and stains do not occur.

We recommend this finish in homes with children or pets, as any scratches caused can not only be hidden, but they in fact add to the look of the flooring. It will only become more rustic over time. Overall, for a protected, traditional and warm, cosy look, try our engineered brushed and oiled floors.

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