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Distressed Grade Engineered Oak Wood Flooring

We recommend distressed oak flooring if you wish for a rustic, reclaimed looking floor. There are large knots, cracks, and other blemishes visible on the planks, so the look is strong and unpredictable, making each and every floor unique. For this reason, we also recommend ordering free samples to make sure the distressed look is for you, but be aware that each sample will differ.

Distressed engineered flooring contains a top layer that is highly rustic hardwood, and attached to multiple layers of plywood base. This helps give strength and stability to the wood, reassuring you that just because a floor is distressed doesn't mean it wont last long!

In the past, the only way to achieve this stunning natural look was to source second hand wood, which wasn't always top quality. Luckily, thanks to modern production methods, you will find this look is easily achieved without having to search for old wood or get an expensive expert to sculpt some flooring. Find your perfect floor here from the variety of shades and styles available.

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