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Hand Scraped Oak Flooring

On top of the strong plywood layers that offer resistance to moisture, heat and humidity, there is a layer of solid hardwood. In these floors, that wood has a hand scraped finish. This means it looks identical to solid hand scraped floors, yet has extra practicality.

Hand scraped refers to the way the wood is manufactured and treated - in past centuries, wood flooring was manufactured by hand in a way that left markings on the surface. Today, this creates and authentic vintage look that many find attractive, characterful and unique. We recommend free samples to see how gorgeous this finish is up close.

It is much harder to see dents on a hand scraped floor, meaning they work well in busy homes where there are children and pets. Scratches are also less visible due to the way the light hits the imperfect surface.

Hand scraped finishes come in a variety of stains, species and styles, meaning there is something for every home, and a way to incorporate this historic finish into any room. Like any other engineered floor, hand scraped finishes can be sanded down, although this may reduce the strength of the finish after a number of sandings.

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