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Lacquered Oak Wood Flooring

Lacquered oak is highly popular due to the fact it is easy to maintain a lacquered floor, it adds protection, smooths out floors that are too rustic feeling underfoot, and it doesn’t need re-treating often. The engineered variety is even better - it can last for years before requiring sanding - depending on the thickness of the wear layer - and doesn’t warp or shrink with moisture, humidity or temperature changes.

To clean a lacquer, you simply need to mop or brush the floor, making it the perfect finish for those with not much time on their hands. The protective film a lacquer creates also prevents anything from seeping into the wood and causing damage, making it suitable in rooms where some spillages occur, like kitchens. That being said, you should always clean spillages up fast.

A pearl satin lacquer is a more translucent version of a lacquer that can withstand wear and tear, yet still help your floor look identical to its natural form. Look at our large range below to find the perfect lacquered floor for you!

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