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Oiled Oak Wood Flooring

The top solid wood layer of these engineered floors consists of an oiled finish. The plywood planks underneath will give you the stability and protection from humidity, moisture and temperature changes, whereas the oil finish will help protect the surface from spillages and staining. This is perfect for those who live in messy households, but do not wish to compromise on the authentic look and feel by using a lacquer.

Lacquer forms a protective film on a floor, whereas oil seeps in to protect it. Although a lacquer still offers great protection, it can make the flooring too smooth underfoot for those who prefer the authentic properties that they paid for to shine through. An oil instead sinks into the wood, enhancing the grain and strengthening the wood overall. Any areas that need repairing can simply have the oil reapplied, and we recommend buying oil form our accessories section just in case you ever sand and re-finish your floor to extend its life.

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