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Unfinished Oak Wood Flooring

Unfinished engineered flooring uses a hardwood surface layer that has been untreated with any protective or staining product. This means the wood is in its purest form, but this also leaves it unprotected and may reduce its lifespan. For this reason, we recommend finishing it yourself at home. This can be done with the products in our accessories section.

To protect your floor, use a oil or lacquer, the former of which seeps into the wood to enhance the grain, and retains the texture. The latter instead forms a film to protect the surface and prevent water seeping into the wood - also leading to easier cleaning and maintenance. Invisible and pearl satin versions of these are available. Stains can also be added to change the shade of the flooring. We recommend testing these out on free samples to be sure how this will look at the end.

The main advantage of unfinished flooring is that you can create a truly unique piece, and enjoy the DIY process it takes to achieve this. Your flooring will feel much more a part of your home, and help you feel more connected to your house.

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