3 Strip Engineered Oak Flooring

3 strip engineered flooring has a surface layer made of three different strips of wood that have been bonded together on one single plank. These strips can differ in shade, rusticity (the amount of knots and natural imperfections), and grain style. Different strips within the planks may be cut differently or from a different part of the tree, but will be the same species of wood so the look is diverse, yet not mismatched.

The multitude of planks and styles creates a brick (linear) parquet look, which has implications for the atmosphere of the room. Parquet is seen as luxurious, vintage and smart, so guests will be impressed when entering your home. Some products can also look like laminate flooring, but with advantages of engineered flooring such as resistance to scuffing, an authentic natural look and texture, and great durability. It is also almost impossible to tell the flooring is 3 strip once laid due to the staggering of rows and differing strips within each plank. Please order free samples to discover what these floors will look like in your home.

There is no difference in durability between single and three strip flooring. Durability comes instead form the species of wood used and the thickness of the overall plank. Generally, thicker engineered oak products are the best in terms of strength, but will be more expensive as a result. Width is not a very important factors in engineered flooring strength due to the construction, but in solid wood, a wider length plank would be more stable. An advantage over single strip however is the variety; naturally thinner trees such as acacia tend to produce thinner single strip planks, which combining three different strip in one plank would obviously counteract. This means you are more likely to find less typical species in this collection than elsewhere.

Although planks are often wider in three strip flooring, the effect created is that of a smaller, parquet like appearance. This means narrow rooms and corridors for example will be well complimented, and more spacious areas come across as more welcoming and warm. Narrow, short and parquet flooring however takes longer to install, meaning you will save time and effort yet achieve the same look with three strip flooring.

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