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Bevelled Edge Engineered Wood Flooring

Although engineered wood flooring comes in a variety of styles with various aesthetic effects, the best way to achieve a traditional and rustic feel is with beveled edge engineered wood flooring. Beveled edge floors are designed to have gently sloping edges on 2 to 4 sides of each plank to pronounce their outline and create a more individual look. Additionally, underneath the surface of solid wood lies multiple layers of compressed timber and plywood for increased durability and a greater ability to withstand heat and spillages for use in kitchens or homes with underfloor heating. The floors in this collection are therefore ideal for those who wish for an identical appearance to solid wood but with better functionality, and a rustic, individual style once laid.

The Benefits

Beveled edges are great for adding depth to the appearance of your flooring - but improved visuals are not the only benefits. Bevelled edges also allow for a greater margin of error during installation, as they are not intended to lie flush like square edge alternatives do. Slight imperfections will therefore go unnoticed, creating the confidence required to install the flooring yourself to save time and money. This is enhanced by the fact engineered flooring itself is easy to install and requires no adhesive, with tongue and groove or click systems available on every engineered wood floor we sell.

The Choice

We stock our engineered beveled edge flooring in three exceptional species; oak, walnut and acacia. Whether you want something classic, sophisticated or highly contrasted and attention grabbing, you’ll find something here to create your dream interior.

Although we offer many dimensions, shades and finishes, you may want to take a look at all our engineered floors rather than just those with beveled edges. You can view them all by clicking here: Engineered Wood Flooring 

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