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Engineered Chevron Flooring

Chevron is a French parquet pattern, that is more aligned that herringbone, and creates an V shaped arrow like effect. Parquet is laid in a mosaic like fashion, allowing unique style, personalisation, and other practical and stylistic benefits. These are in part to the fact the flooring is engineered.

Engineered parquet is much more convenient than solid equivalents - it is easier to clean or replace upon damage due to the individual nature of the blocks, and as it is made from narrow and short blocks, and supported by strongly bound HDF/Plywood layers, there is high stability. Chevron flooring can therefore be used in hallways, high footfall homes and communal or commercial areas like schools or stores.

Chevron’s main stylistic benefit is that it adds flow to a room, allowing a room to appear longer, more organised, and creates direction that accentuates a particular feature. This can include furniture or doorways - placement of decor and the flooring itself is therefore important. Not only that, but the atmosphere of original chevron flooring remains even today. It became popular in the 16th century amongst the rich and elite and gathered a reputation for being luxurious and creating an expensive feel. As a result, it will make your home seem elegant and sophisticated, especially when combined with decor like fireplaces, bookshelves or fine art in a minimalist theme.

Chevron comes in many different species, shades, finishes and grades, so there is something for everyone. Every environment is also covered, as the pattern’s optical illusion effect makes it work in smaller rooms, making them look larger, and in larger rooms by adding elegance. Please order free samples to see which style would work best in your room.

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