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Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood simply refers to the top layer species in an engineered floor. This will only consist of hardwoods rather than softwoods like larch or pine, meaning you are guaranteed high durability with these floors, meaning you will get much better value for money.

Hardwood floors are more durable, low maintenance and fire resistant than softwood flooring. This also makes them more expensive, but with our price match promise and discounted prices, you are still getting good value. Engineered flooring is also a cheaper way of getting a hardwood look and practicality without spending too much. These also add the benefits of using underfloor heating or installing a floor in wet environments without causing warping or shrinkage - we recommend them in kitchens but not bathrooms however, as engineered flooring is still not 100% waterproof.

Another benefit over softwood is the appearance of hardwood. There is a lower sap content and more closed grain with hardwood, which is more attractive to some and can often seem more natural. One of the reasons hardwood seems more natural is because laminate floors often use a softwood appearance, meaning open grain is associated in many people’s minds with this cheaper and less authentic flooring. Hardwood however does not carry these cheap and less authentic associations, and will instead make your home appear homely, traditional and natural.

We recommend engineered hardwood over solid hardwood if you will be installing the floor in a place where spillages occur, or if you do not want to spend too much on flooring. You will also add value to your home without breaking the bank, and whether or not you wish to sell your home, the floor will last a lifetime if maintained correctly.

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