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Fixed Length Engineered Wood Flooring

Classic in appearance, fixed length flooring is the most common and recognised wood flooring look there is. Uniformity and incredible strength are guarantees, alongside greater practicality than one would achieve with solid wood. This is because the solid wood wear layer is backed by layers of compressed timber, allowing for the same look as solid wood but with the ability to withstand moisture, humidity and heat. This includes that from underfloor heating, and means the flooring can be placed in kitchens, perfect for any modern home looking for that traditional aesthetic. Each floor in this collection will last you a lifetime and give boundless personality and value to your home for as long as it remains there.

The Benefits

Aside from the aforementioned sturdy layered design, many people choose this flooring for other reasons, one being the variations. There are many dimensions, finishes, species and shades available, and every 10-15 years the floor can be sanded down and refinished or stained with any look you like. This is perfect if you anticipate that your taste will change or you might get bored but don’t want the hassle or expenditure of a new floor each time this happens. It also allows you to keep your floor looking brand new even when it is decades old, and increases the value of your home greatly should you ever wish to sell it.

The Choice

We have selected stock to please tastes from the popular to the more obscure, as you can see by our offering of oak, walnut and acacia. Whichever you choose however, you are guaranteed to get the timeless and elegant wood look in your home for less than solid wood alternatives. Please order matching accessories to finish off your floor with style. If you fancy taking a look at all our engineered boards in one place, please follow this link: Engineered Wood Flooring 

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