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Grey Wood Flooring & Grey Oak Flooring

Grey is ideal for adding elegance and sophistication to any home. As it is a neutral shade, you will find it suits any colour scheme perfectly and with ease, meaning you need not worry about current decor or future redecoration. There are many shades to choose from, and combining these with different colours in other decor allows you to have greater control the size perception and atmosphere of your room. Engineered grey flooring is the perfect way to increase elegance with a unique aspect that doesn't take too much attention from the rest of the beautiful elements in the room.

Grey has different effects depending on how you use it. For example, when paired with black and white, monochrome or minimal themes can be achieved. On the other hand, bold colours can be complimented to the point they pop and make a statement, as well as highlighting the beauty of the floor itself - you will find bold tones and grey really work well together. Darker tones with grey can reduce the size perception of a large room, making it appear more welcoming and homely, whereas light tones can expand smaller rooms to make them seem less cramped. White may also have a largening effect, but also makes a home seem cold, whereas light grey retains that warmth.

Engineered flooring has incredible durability that allows it to last longer than a lifetime. This is also due to the way its constructed - it uses plywood layers under the solid wood veneer to prevent warping and shrinkage with moisture, humidity, and heat. Some worry about cleaning engineered flooring, as it takes a bit more effort than laminate or LVT; however, grey engineered flooring hides dirt well until you have time to clean it, and on the rare occasion that a stain occurs, this will not be as visible as on lighter floors. This makes these floors ideal for family homes. In addition, engineered flooring contains a variety of finishes, grades, sizes and thicknesses, so there is guaranteed to be something for your needs.

Overall, grey engineered flooring is a practical and versatile option that will never limit your decor choices - please order free samples to see for yourself.

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