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Engineered Herringbone Wood Flooring

Herringbone engineered flooring is a parquet flooring that is styled in a zig zag appearance. Darker styles of this pattern can be found in older or vintage style homes, whereas lighter shades are a modern trend that improves the a room’s atmosphere and makes it more unique and eye catching that standard planks. With engineered flooring, you will get the same look as solid wood parquet but with the practical benefits.

Engineered parquet is easier to clean or replace upon damage due to the individual nature of the blocks, creating convenience for anyone who wants to install these floors. As it is made from narrow and short blocks, and supported by strongly bound HDF/Plywood layers, the floors on this page are highly stable. They can therefore be used in hallways, high footfall homes and communal or commercial areas like schools or stores.

This pattern was popular in the 17th century amongst the rich and elite, and has made many comebacks ever since. Herringbone is become popular once more, so why not show off your interior design knowledge and join the trend? The original associations of luxury still remain, meaning anybody who sets foot in your home will be impressed. With other luxurious decor, this effect can be enhanced, and really improve the atmosphere of a room.

Herringbone can be laid single, double or triple, and in whichever order you like to create a more personalised effect that appeals better to your tastes. This makes your floor unique, and fun to lay yourself as a DIY project.

Many confuse herringbone with chevron, but the difference is in how the blocks meet. They are placed alternate in pattern instead of aligned, which you can see by looking at product pictures of both of these designs. Please order free samples to see which style you like best.

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