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Kitchen Friendly Engineered Wood Flooring

Your priority in a kitchen needs to be the ability to clean up spillages and splashes with ease. For that reason, we have selected these floors which have the most suitable easy ot clean and hard to stain finishes. We also include floors that have shades that conceal spillages well - and all options have great style alongside practicality.

To make your floor easy to clean, you should choose one without much texture. This includes lacquered options, which have a protective film on top to help simply mop or wipe away spillages and dirt. No crumbs, sauces or oils will be able to penetrate this lacquer. It is possible to still have rustic flooring with this finish, but it will look rustic more than feel rustic. Flooring can always be refinished if you have children that will soon be grown up and make less mess, so you may oil your floor to protect it in future instead, no matter which you choose.

Oils are also protective, which helps prevent staining, but it will take a bit more vacuuming to retrieve crumbs between cracks if you have chosen a floor with many grooves. Floors that are less rustic or not brushed will have less grooves, so may be suitable options if you have less time for cleaning.

Colour wise, dark options such as black, grey, dark oak or walnut can hide dirt well. Flooring with colour variation has the same effect. These are useful if you have guests over often and can't clean up while they are there. that being said, ensure spillages of liquids are cleaned as soon as they occur to reduce risk of staining.

In terms of style, engineered wood flooring in a kitchen can create a classic country kitchen look with rustic options for example. You can also choose a prime option for the practicality of engineered wood but with less of a traditional look. The beauty is there are many options available to allow you to choose the look, theme or atmosphere you desire - from parquet to white, grey or brown oak, we have something for every kitchen.

We always recommend engineered flooring over solid wood in kitchens, as this can withstand moisture, and changes in temperature and humidity without warping or shrinking. This is important as such conditions commonly occur in kitchens. just like solid wood however, engineered can be sanded down, and lasts longer than a lifetime due to this, increasing house value and giving you value for money. Laminate and LVT options are infeior in this sense, as if any damage occurs, you cannot simply sand and refinish them as you can with engineered and solid wood floors.

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