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Engineered Parquet Flooring

Engineered parquet is much more popular and cost effective than solid parquet. Although it isn’t traditional in its construction, the look is identical to that of solid wood, allowing you to create those attractive vintage, stylish and luxurious patterns in your home. Parquet flooring allows you to create a unique pattern in a room that can have different effects on the atmosphere depending on the particular pattern chosen.

Parquet patterns range from herringbone, the most popular, to chevron and less popular yet beautiful patterns such as versailles. Herringbone can be laid single, double or triple, creating differing complexities and attraction based on your personal taste. This pattern is a classic, dating back to the 17th century, and appears zig-zag like. Chevron is more aligned than herringbone, and allows you to create flow in a room, making it seem longer and often accentuating a particular feature such as a piece of furniture based on the direction of the flooring. These are the main options, but please browse our range for more. All are available in different shades, grades and finishes that can accentuate - there will be a parquet floor for everyone.

Parquet is laid like a mosaic, and the differing shades and grain in oak and walnut (our most popular options) really brings out the mosaic effect. The blocks are more differentiated in this way, drawing attention to your floor and impressing anybody who sets foot in the room.

Parquet flooring, particularly the engineered variety, is easier to clean or replace due to the individual nature of the blocks, creating convenience for anyone who wants to install these floors. As it is made form narrow and short blocks, and constructed as an engineered floor, the floors on this page are extremely stable. They can therefore be used in hallways, high footfall homes and communal or commercial areas like schools or stores.

This style will never go out of fashion as time has shown, and that original association of luxury and genuine vintage remains.

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