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Prime AB Grade Engineered Oak Flooring

Prime or AB grade, is the most ‘pure’ form of engineered flooring. It looks the least rustic out of any grade, evident by the absence of knots, blemishes, mineral staining, colour variation and grain visibility. This is ideal for people who want a more modern look in their home, but want to retain the natural feel or benefits of engineered wood.

Engineered wood can be beneficial if it is not just the look you are after. For example, it works well with spillages and humidity better than solid wood, and makes a great alternative to tiles in a kitchen. It is also cheaper than solid wood and some more luxurious tiles. It is also warmer underfoot than tiles, lasts a lot longer and is more durable and softer underfoot. No matter which grade you choose, the engineered construction underneath the solid wood will not be affected.

Prime wood is chosen specifically in the manufacturing process. The smoothest, most streamlined and uniform planks are chosen intentionally so they have no features that will draw attention once installed. This is useful in homes where you do not want the floor to be a main feature, and would like visitors to focus more on decor and furniture in the room. It also creates a modern, clean and tidy look in a home, which is great for those who like a hygienic atmosphere that can put people at ease.

For an elegant, chic and contemporary look, a consistent appearance is essential. However, if prime grade is too pure and rustic is too natural, choose select or character grade wood. This is the perfect combination of the two, with the right amount of randomness and rawness. Please order samples of all our flooring grades to see which you like best. Prime however will be the most true to the samples due to its minimal variations.

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