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Random Length Engineered Wood Flooring

Love to be unique and make a statement? The irregularities of random length flooring are perfect for this, especially when combined with the eye-catching elegance that wood flooring provides. As each plank is cut to a different length from the last and can be laid in the order you want, your floor is certain to be individual and rustic in its style, not dissimilar to how wood floors would have been laid in homes hundreds of years ago. The difference to this however is the modern practicality of engineered wood. As many compressed timber layers lie below the solid wood on top, the look is identical, but with the additional ability to withstand moisture, temperature changes and humidity. This lets you lay the floor in kitchens, conservatories, or over underfloor heating.

The Benefits

Other benefits of random length engineered flooring include the cost-effectiveness. As the planks do not need to be cut to exact precision, the labour cost is less in production, which in turn transfers to the customer in a lower price. There is also less wastage due to the lack of perfection required in production, making them a more eco-friendly choice than fixed length boards. Aesthetically, random length planks can make a space look bigger thanks to the contrast, which is helpful for those with smaller or bare rooms.

The Choice

There is a large choice in this selection, including a range of species, shades and finishes. Whether you love the country cottage oak look, or a more elegant and regal dark walnut, we have it all here at Luxury Flooring. Please order as many free samples as you like to see why are products are so well loved and in high demand!

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