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Square Edge Engineered Wood Flooring

If you prefer your engineered wood flooring to be flawlessly smooth, square edged boards are perfect for you. This simply means each edge of the boards has a perfectly perpendicular edge, and the planks lie flush with no visible join. This creates elegant visual results, and is highly popular amongst those who prefer the modern yet natural look. As opposed to solid wood flooring, engineered wood flooring is also more practical despite its identical appearance, due to the layers of compressed timber underneath that allow for a better ability to withstand heat and moisture. If unbeatable strength and stability in a wood floor are what is required in your household, these floors are ideal.

The Benefits

Extraordinary visuals aside and sophisticated aesthetics, square edged flooring is also highly practical. Due to the flush nature of the planks, there is nowhere where dust and debris can get trapped, not only making cleaning a lot easier and less time consuming, but also reducing the allergens in your home. This is helpful for those with children or pets, or for those who have allergies. Another benefit is the durability. Square edge planks are harder to move with footfall, helped further by the durable criss-cross formation of the layers beneath the solid wood wear layer. This also means warping and buckling of planks is less likely, particularly in areas with moisture, heat or humidity.

The Choice

As engineered wood flooring has a solid wood wear layer, it is physically impossible to tell the difference in appearance. This means with each floor in this collection you are getting the same gorgeous, intricate grain as in solid wood but for a much lower price. Many stylish and unique variations are available in our collection, including different finishes and shades so you can be sure you are getting the perfect fit for your home.

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