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White Engineered Oak Flooring

White can help any room appear unique, modern, or elegant. It is a neutral shade that can be paired with any colour with ease, or instead create themes such as monochrome or minimal, depending on the other decor chosen. White is therefore highly versatile - especially the engineered variety that comes in many finishes, sizes and thicknesses - and is perfect for changing families or those who like to redecorate often. Read more below and browse through our gorgeous options that always offer maximum durability, style and value.

Since white is neutral, bold colours really pop against a white floor, which acts almost as a blank canvas. The colours themselves will make a statement, as well as the flooring popping out and showing itself off as a unique, eye-catching feature in your home. Other neutral tones with white can help create themes can help keep things minimal if you prefer, and balance out the cold white with warmer shades. We would recommend warm shades if you decide to use white in large rooms, as it can enhance room size.

Although white can make large rooms look bigger, this also helps them look more elegant, so if you have classy decor or use gold tones, this can be a positive thing. On the other hand, we would recommend white in small rooms due to this largening effect, which can also make them feel less cramped, and more friendly and welcoming, especially if combined with a warm light brown rug for example. When using warm tones, make sure these are still light to retain the size altering effect.

If you live amongst pets, children, or just generally have a messy home with lots of spillages, we recommend a lacquered finish so dirt can be much easier cleaned. this finish, as well as oiled, prevent staining well too. Otherwise, use white flooring in rooms such as the adult's bedroom where footfall is lower.

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