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Dark Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Engineered wood that is dark in shade can help make a large room seem smaller and less intimidating, yet at the same time more elegant, classy and professional. This works well in businesses, large open plan rooms in a home, themed rooms or rooms with a specific colour scheme, or simply in rooms that require darkening due to a lot of light furniture. Ultimately, darker flooring is down to personal taste.

Dark engineered wood flooring includes not only wooden shades, classically walnut and dark oak, but also black and dark grey varieties. these can help increase modernity and aid a monochrome theme, but at the same time retain the natural texture and elegance of wood. Dark wooden tones crates a warm atmosphere, and a homely traditional feeling that is welcoming in any home.

These floors are great for cottages or other rustic environments, such as themed cafes that wish to make guests feel at home. It is not only beautiful, but very easy to clean thanks to its ability to conceal mud and other dirt. We still recommend frequent cleaning however in accordance with the maintenance guides found under the ‘installation’ tab on each product page.

Dark floors best go with light furniture and white tones for a contrasting and eye-catching effect which will compliment both the floor and decor well. Golden decor may also be used for a more luxurious feel if you opt for a black floor. Luckily however, any dark wooden floor can easily match any colour, so if bold greens are more your taste, feel free to incorporate these too!

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