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Medium Shade Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood that is medium in shade can create balance in a room. This makes it useful in overcrowded rooms that have lots of colours or patterns, helping offset the overwhelming appearance of the decor. Medium shades can include everything from stained golden finishes to unfinished woods from a naturally dark species. There is something for everyone in this collection.

Medium floors are not all identical. Some have stronger and darker grain than others, some have grey elements, and some include more pink elements rather than brown. This depends on the finish and stain used as well as the species of wood - please browse our large collection to find which would be best for you, and order as many free samples as you need.

Regardless of the floor chosen, all medium engineered wood floors have the ability to match any decor without looking out of place. Also, if you have a white rug and a blue sofa for example and can’t find a floor to tie them both together and compliment them in the same way, a medium floor is certainly the correct option. Medium shaded floors also allow greater options for future redecoration in terms of surrounding decor.

Consider the difference in species as well - a medium oak is lighter than a medium walnut, yet both are considered medium in relation to their usual hues. Pictures do not always depict these 100% accurately, so always order free samples before making a choice, and remember that a wood floor can vary in shade due to being a natural product, so may slightly differ for this reason too.

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