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Engineered Walnut Flooring

Walnut is known as the elegant choice of flooring, due to its reputation and famous ability to hide dirt and make a room look luxurious with its famous rich, dark hue. However, there are over 20 different species, so it is important to know the difference in appearance that comes with this.

The classic walnut is rich and dark, with that luxurious look that is most associated with the species. English walnut is a variety that appears lighter by just a few tones, whereas white walnut is much lighter. Some other colour variation may just depend on the part of the tree used. The highest quality is the dark Brazilian walnut, which is harder and more durable than other species. It is however more expensive for these reasons, but is worth it for that sought-after elegant rich tone. Please note that other suppliers often pass off Caribbean walnut as Brazilian walnut and therefore compromise on quality, so order samples first. Our free samples will show the quality of our walnut products to be exceptionally high.

Walnut’s colours and straight grain pattern is exceptional. It is often the case that walnut has two or three starkly different shades within the grain, adding much more character than one would anticipate. It is also one of the most versatile woods as a result, and no two walnut floors will be the same.

Walnut is also easy to maintain - it won’t need refinishing often at all, so will retain beautiful elegant look for years to come. It is however not the most durable wood, so it is imperative to look after it to ensure it lasts as long as possible. We also recommend avoiding walnut in high footfall homes if you wish to keep the floor for a long time. That being said, the engineered construction makes these floors more durable than solid walnut alternatives.

Due to walnut’s reputation, it will add value to your home, increasing value if you decide to sell in future. If you don’t want to sell, walnut will still remain a welcoming and familiar fixture in your home throughout any changes in decor.

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