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Wide Engineered Flooring

A wide plank floor typically refers to any floor that is 190mm-260mm in width. These are often chosen for the dramatic aesthetic they create, and ability to create both modern or traditional Victorian looks depending on other decor in the room. Wide engineered flooring combines this beauty with a stable construction and wood surface layer that is much more supported than wide solid wood.

Wider planks means more of the wood's natural beauty is shown - there is more surface area per plank which allows knots to be more frequent or grain to be more complete, especially in rustic grade products or woods with contrasting grain like larch.

Wide planks are ideal for smaller spaces, as the extra width makes rooms appear more open, airy and spacious. It also tends to look less busy than narrower planks, and more streamlined, which can also create this spacious effect. It also makes a room seem less formal, making it perfect for casual environments.

Engineered wood adds stability to a wide plank moreso than solid wood, regardless of plank length. This means both long and short planks are available and therefore more variety for different tastes. Adding to this, most of these products are oak, which is a much more versatile material in terms of grain, shade and other specifications. The availability of single strip and three strip planks is another factor allowing you to combine different factors to make the perfect floor.

Wide planks are popular amongst DIY enthusiasts as they are easy to install due to needing less planks overall. However, if you don't like the look of wide planks and simply want quick and easy installation, three strip options may help - this creates the effect of multiple planks despite being within one plank.

Expansion and shrinkage is more likely with wider planks, so acclimatisation is extra important. However, given that these planks are engineered rather than solid, this is somewhat counteracted - we recommend wide engineered over solid in environments with humidity such as kitchens.

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