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Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring contains multiple layers of material that when fused together make a flooring product that can replicate wood or stone. It consists of a backing layer, core, image layer and wear layer.

How Does Laminate Flooring Work?

The backing keeps moisture from rising from the subfloor and damaging the core layer, which is made out of fibreboard or resin and can be easily damaged by water. On top of this core is then an image layer, creating the look of the flooring you wish to imitate. This is made by laminating an image onto a vinyl board. On the surface lies the wear layer – this determines how protected the floor will be from wear and tear or damage over time from footfall or falling objects for example.

Why Choose Laminate Flooring?

The main selling point of laminate flooring is that it is highly realistic visually in relation to the wood or stone it emulates, but without the texture or impracticalities that come with the authentic materials. This makes it ideal in bathrooms for example where a wood floor is desired, as laminate flooring has a water resistant surface. In bathrooms however, we do recommend tightly laying planks and cleaning up spillages as quickly as possible to prevent water seeping between cracks to damage the core. The alternative wood would contract and warp harshly in wet conditions, as well as in conservatories where temperature and light may also damage real wood. Laminate is also superior to stone when a cold and rough feeling is not desired underfoot. Underfloor heating can be used with laminate but not solid wood, it is cheaper and easier to maintain than engineered wood and stone, and is also easy to install by yourself. Another benefit is that laminate is harder to scratch or dent and is extremely durable under high footfall. Overall, if you desire value and practicality in a challenging environment yet are after a specific look, laminate is ideal.


Vinyl or LVT can also create a wood, tile or stone look in your home, but with a different texture and sometimes appearance. It is installed differently which some people find easier, is softer underfoot, and much more waterproof that laminate – however, it does not have as long a life and will therefore need replacing in your home earlier. Please order free samples from both LVT and laminate ranges to see which is best for your home/

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