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Balterio Tradition Elegant Laminate

Balterio Tradition Elegant is a gorgeous range of laminate oak of multiple shades. Each floor is 189mm wide, 1261mm long and 9mm thick. The planks are also textured and finished elegantly for greater character and warmth and easier maintenance, respectively. 4V beveled edges are also a notable feature, giving each plank a much more realistic aesthetic, and a individual look to make each plank stand out.

The chrome-zone finish on the Magnitude range has been engineered specifically to give the floor a more natural feel, showcasing how similar to wood flooring the photographic wear layer actually is.

Installing this floor is simple as it uses the popular click method, a favourite amongst DIY enthusiasts and amateurs alike. You can save money on professional fitters and costly adhesives this way, and save precious time in the process by comparison. In addition, the 25 year residential and 12 year commercial guarantee also ensures you will be covered by the manufacturer if any rare discrepancies occur.

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