Egger Laminate

Egger are a leading brand in laminate flooring, offering a selection of high quality, sustainable, and stylish floors for your home. They focus on European styles of many species, shades and effects, and provide a variety of thicknesses for all tastes and needs. Considered a designer product, an Egger floor is sure to impress anybody who lays eyes on it.

About Egger

Egger was founded in Austria and now operates out of Germany, giving it a prestigious 'Made In Germany' certification, signifying high quality, sustainability and certified production processes. This is one of the reasons a 25 year guarantee can be confidently applied to all Egger laminate flooring. Another reason is the durability. Egger laminates comes with a resilient and abrasion-resistant surface, which means pets for example will find it much harder to cause scratches. This is also easy to clean and maintain, and is resistant to UV rays, so even the sunniest of environments will not cause fading. The core layer is the 'Swell Barrier Plus' variety, meaning it is made with natural wood fibres, thus highly durable. Finally, the bottom layer ensures an even surface by acting as a balancer.

In addition to this, some Egger laminates use Aqua+ technology, meaning they are more waterproof than other laminates, and suitable therefore in bathrooms and moist areas without conceding any damage. To be exact, the technology makes Egger floors 5 times more water resistant than regular laminates! This also allows you to use a steam cleaner, making the already easy cleaning process even simpler. Worried about the environment? Egger floors are all sustainably sourced, and come with an ecological seal of approval – there is nothing to worry about when choosing Egger.

Why Choose Egger Laminate Flooring?

Attractiveness and style come naturally to Egger. There are more worn and distressed looking varieties for those who prefer this over a classic look, and modern aesthetics in a variety of colours for those looking to keep up with trends. The majority of the laminates are textured, creating a realistic effect to go with the already convincing wood and tile effect options. Laminate flooring tends to be better than the real thing, as wood warps and shrinks in moisture or temperature changes, and stone can be rough underfoot and difficult to clean. This allows Egger products to be confidently installed in any room in the home. You can install these floors using either the 'uni-fit' or 'JUST-clic!' technologies, depending on which range is chosen. These allow for easy installation that is equally durable yet more cost effective in terms of adhesive and nailing needing to not be used.

Get all the best Egger ranges below:

- Egger 8mm Aqua Plus - Egger Classic 7mm - Egger Classic 8mm - Egger Classic 10mm - Egger Classic 12mm - Egger Kingsize 8mm - Egger Kingsize 8mm Aqua Plus - Egger Large 8mm -
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