Kaindl Laminate Floors

Kaindl offer modern and smart flooring options that mostly come in natural tones, including shades of all varieties. Whether you want a dark walnut to increase homeliness and sophistication, or a medium oak to match light décor and make a room more friendly, we have an option for you.

About Kaindl

Kaindl has worked its way up from starting as a sawmill in 1897, to becoming one of Europe's finest wood production plants, and today one of the leading flooring manufacturers. Kaindl have made laminate flooring since 1982, and depite a fire in 1989 seveerly damagaing their production works in Austria, they have proven their ability to bounce back – symbolic of the durability and resilience of their flooring

A major innovation of theirs is 3-in-1 flooring. This was launched in 2015, and combines 3 different widths in one plank, combining different shades. This gives the floor a unique finish and perspective, working harmoniously with any room and giving it character and personality. Keep an eye on this page to see more 3-in-1 products added as the style increases in popularity.

Why Choose Kaindl Flooring?

Kaindl floors are authentic in appearance, mostly being available with a textured finish to add to this. Different thicknesses and widths are available, to ensure your room size is catered to, as well as matching the demands imposed on the flooring. This means Kaindl can suit high footfall homes with children running around without becoming weaker over time – see our guarantees on each product page to see how long each product will last in your home.

In our range of Kaindl products, there are a variety of species available. Each one has a texture applied and identical grain and knots, whether oak, walnut or acacia. This means there is something for every environment and décor, whatever your taste, especially given the practical advantages of laminate flooring. It can be used in moist or temperature fluctuating rooms given that it will not warp or shrink unlike wood would in these scenarios.

All Kaindl ranges available are listed below:

- Kaindl 8mm Classic Touch - Kaindl 8mm Creative Glossy - Kaindl 8mm Natural Touch Fishbone -Kaindl One 8mm Natural Touch - Kaindl 12mm 4V Natural Touch -
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