Kronotex Laminate Floors

Kronotex, being part of the Swiss Krono Group - a world leading manufacturers of wood based products - clearly know what they are doing when it comes to flooring. They have recently expanded from wood to laminate, and their Robusto range is currently extremely popular all over Europe. Kronotex apply their philosophies to every product they make, in that only the products meeting their strict testing criteria will leave the factory, so quality is guaranteed with each and every plank.

Kronotex is versatile and practical enough to suitably fit into every room in the home. This is due to the fact laminate flooring can withstand changes in temperature and humidity, moisture (due to its water resistance), and scratches and denting. Despite not being the real thing, laminate also looks convincingly like real wood or tiles, and this is especially true for a brand as successful as Kronotex.

Kronotex are immensely popular amongst all kinds of people and in all types of environments due to the perfect replication of the authentic material, as well as the easy installation, simple cleaning, and high durability. In fact, they are so durable, that each Kronotex floor has a 30 year guarantee - this is even longer than on the average wood floor! They will therefore most likely last the duration of your time in one home, and you will save plenty of money over the years given you won’t need to replace the flooring. That being said, we still offer a price match guarantee on all of the Kronotex floors you see here, allowing you to get any look from classic oak to contemporary anthracite for much less.

If you are concerened about your health or the planet, you are in luck. Kronotex are renowned for investing in new production systems that can recycle and reuse heat and scrap material as much as possible. The floors themselves are also made without toxic materials or plasticisers, creating low emissions in production and their lifespan in your home. By using Kronotex, you will not only be helping yourself save money, but helping save the planet.

Available ranges listed below:

- Kronotex Robusto - Kronotex Superior -

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