Kronotex Superior Laminate Flooring

Kronotex have gradually gained respect amongst professionals and customers since their conception in 1993 to become one of the most respected laminate flooring brands around today. With their pioneering eco-friendly production methods, they have especially managed to become the number one choice for those wanting a ‘green’ laminate - and with no pesticides, chlororganic compounds, or toxic heavy metals, it is easy to see why! In addition to this, each of their floors - particularly in the Superior range - has an innovative surface structure with extreme wear resistance and stunningly realistic depictions of wood and stone. If you are looking to match imaginative design with functionality, why look further than Kronotex Superior?

The Benefits

These floors were created specifically for modern life. For example, each plank - made up of natural wood and paper - is treated with a melanin resin for heightened stability, preventing movement and impact from being detrimental. Aside from the striking and realistic appearance of these floors, they are also a top choice for their low maintenance. This comes in ease of cleaning, and resistance to scratches, flames, abrasion and staining. They are also extremely moisture resistant, allowing easy use in households with children or pets, or in rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom. Kronotex’s intuitive fitting system is also a reason for their popularity, allowing self-installation to not only be possible, but quick and simple.

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