Lifestyle Laminate

Lifestyle flooring is tailored to match your unique outlook, with options suitable for everyone from a first time buyer to an expanding family. These floors can really make a house a home, and to top it off, they have an extensive guarantee to ensure you get your money's worth, no matter how your home may change over the years.


All Lifestyle floors are textured to make them appear more realistic yet functional enough to be placed in homes with children and pets that may cause dints, spillages or scratching, and to be used in wet or temperature fluctuating rooms that would damage authentic wood. Laminate alternatives therefore allow for greater versatility and peace of mind, even if your home situation changes over time. In addition, there are a variety of shades and species that can suit any décor, so future redecoration won't need to be limited to a theme that 'suits' the floor.

These floors are easy to lay and remove one plank at a time if damage occurs, saving money in terms of being able to replace only one plank. You could also remove these floors easily to take to your new home! This is thanks to the click joining technology that doesn’t require adhesive or nails to be installed sturdily.


Lifestyle strive to create contemporary and good value flooring suited to all tastes in the classic wood effect. They stay updated with the latest trends and offer colours, textures and patterns that match these – keep updated with this page to see which ranges are added every season.

This is a brand that understands its customers. Each home deserves a high quality and beautiful floor, which is why there are less expensive options available - even the higher end ranges are reasonably priced! Simply put, for a classic wood look with a modern twist, a Lifestyle floor is the one for you.

Find all the gorgeous ranges from Lifestyle Floors below:

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