Lifestyle Camden 8mm 4v Laminate Flooring

Lifestyle utilise a combination of advanced technologies, skilled craftsmanship, and design innovation to create their bespoke laminate solutions. Gaining over 35-years of industry experience, they are pioneering the way for the next generation of laminate flooring, perfect for every facet of modern life. The Camden range takes this to the next level, promising endless design possibilities and unprecedented practicality to match. This bespoke collection adds soul to any space, enhancing the dynamic of your home from the moment of installation. You’re guaranteed to be impressed for decades to come.

The Benefits

Lifestyle Camden laminate flooring delivers a perfect balance of the highest manufacturing standards, style, and wear resistance. The specially crafted melamine coating protects each board from scratches, scuffs, and stains, making them ideal for residential areas with high footfall. Additionally, Camden boards resist swelling and movement when exposed to moisture, lowering overall upkeep and potential for damages. As a result, the Camden range is tailored to busy family life, retaining its look and lustre after years of wear and tear. As a guarantee of performance, a 20 year domestic warranty comes as standard with every purchase.

The Choice

No matter what style of laminate flooring you love, you can rest assured that it has been expertly created with appearances in mind. Lifestyle take special care with their Camden collection, providing a myriad of attractive plank effects and creative geometry. Whether you’re looking for something bold, understated, or anything in between, you’re sure to find your ideal match at our online store.

Alongside an array of hyper realistic wood effects, our stock of laminate flooring is available in a choice of styles, shades, and dimensions, catering to your needs with meticulous precision. Want to try before you buy? Order one of our unlimited free samples today!

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