Lifestyle Soho Laminate Flooring

With over 35 years of flooring industry experience, Lifestyle are a leading brand that you can trust. Their bespoke laminate flooring solutions promise timeless design, imitating the natural intricacies of real wood in hyper realistic detail. The Soho collection is no exception, replicating the genuine richness of oak whilst promising functionality that matches the real thing. Each 8mm plank is designed with contemporary living in mind, proving low maintenance, wear resistant, and child and pet friendly. Whether you’re looking to improve your kitchen, living room, or hallway, you’re guaranteed to receive astounding results.

The Benefits

Lifestyle Soho laminate flooring is built to last with an AC4 rating and anti-bacterial coating to match. This stops germs from harbouring on the surface, whilst protecting your flooring from harm under the pressure of heavy domestic footfall. As a result, scratches, scuffs, and stains won’t appear on the surface of your boards, helping to retain its charming appearance. For elevated authenticity, a 4V bevel is cut into the edge of each Soho plank. This emphasises the captivating grains of oak, giving the boards their own unique personality. As an additional guarantee of performance, a complimentary 20 year warranty comes with every purchase.

The Choice

Our extensive stock of Soho laminate flooring delivers imaginative designs with the timeless beauty of traditional oak. Whether you’re looking to create a rustic aesthetic, an elegant interior, or a balance of both, you’re sure to find something that’s truly unique and original.

Alongside photorealistic plank effects, we offer a range of styles, shades, and dimensions with our laminate flooring options. Don’t forget, you can order one of our unlimited samples free of charge! You won’t be disappointed with the quality of our stock!

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