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Nest Laminate Flooring

Nest flooring was designed by Luxury Flooring after analysing everything currently on the market and our customer's needs. We discovered that there needs to be an option catering to those on an extremely tight budget and needing high quality, beautiful flooring. Nest is for the travellers, adventurers and dreamers of the world, and is therefore inspired by cities all over the world that encapsulate this spirit.


These ranges are named after our favourite cities – the most vibrant, exciting and cosmopolitan ones all over the world. We have tried to encapsulate what makes them memorable and loved, and instil a spirit of adventure into any home that installs the flooring. For example, our Calgary Oak range is reminiscent of the rustic Canadian log cabins where long winters are spent in front of comforting fireplaces. For a more European aristocratic look, the Vienna range symbolises history and heritage, with a large helping of grandeur. On the other side of the world, the hot summers on front porches with iced drinks and crickets chirping on cool nights needs not be imagined any longer – our American inspired ranges will bring this atmosphere straight into your home.

What all these ranges share is the high quality and fantastic designs. We have worked hard to replicate natural textures and finishes, including the grain and knots of 7 different wood species. If you would prefer a tile effect laminate floor, we also offer unique options with eye catching patterns to give your home more personality.


Nest uses the Uniclic system for installation, created by Quickstep. We find this to be an easy, fast and cheaper way of installing flooring, considering it requires no adhesive or nailing. This is excellent for those on a budget, as it is simple as a DIY project and requires no extra materials or help from a professional fitter. You can lay these floors on any flat surface aside from carpet.

Many of our Nest floors come with accessories to ensure you can get a professional finish – please contact our team to see which floor comes with what. All the flooring in this range is also high quality - our 7mm range is some of the lowest priced available, but still comes with that beautiful finish and bevelled edge for depth and definition. The AC3 rating also makes it suitable for some commercial premises, provided there is light footfall. The thicker flooring options are stil reasonable value, and are better suited to higher footfall, including commercial spaces like a Bed and Breakfast. The 10mm and 12mm ranges come with a 30 year guarantee, so you can rest assured knowing you are getting exceptional value for money.

You will not find Nest flooring anywhere else for less, as it is Luxury Flooring's own brand. Our low prices are possible thanks to our links with suppliers and cutting out the middleman wholesaler, meaning savings can be passed on to you. Some low prices signify low quality, but here at Luxury Flooring we offer free samples so you can see the quality for yourself up close. Please order as many as you like before going elsewhere – we are the best value flooring retailer in the UK!

Different thicknesses can be found in the ranges below:

- Nest 7mm - Nest 8mm - Nest 10mm - Nest 12mm - Nest 14mm - Nest High Gloss -

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