Quick-Step Laminate Flooring

Quickstep are one of the world's biggest flooring brands and are well known for their high quality and reasonably priced laminate products. They are based in Belgium and the Czech Republic, exporting worldwide. We buy their products in bulk to store in our UK warehouse so we can get them delivered to you much quicker – this also allows us to provide free samples, so order as many as you like.

About the Flooring

Quickstep laminates are some of the most durable and hard-wearing available. This is due to the melamine resin layer that protects the image layer, adding strength whilst also reducing the risk of scratching. This means these floors will last a very long time in your home without the look being affected. There is also an 100% water-resistant layer added to some ranges to create a waterproofing effect – this is not available on all laminates, making Quickstep a highly desirable option in bathrooms and kitchens. These ranges are Eligna, Impressive and Impressive Ultra, which you can also find in our waterproof laminates section. We stock almost 150 Quickstep laminates in total, giving you a large range of designs to choose from, making that authentic wood or stone look in your home a reality. As laminates are also softer underfoot and less likely to stain than stone, and can handle moisture and temperatures that wood can't, you will be at an advantage by buying a laminate floor from us.

Why Choose Quickstep?

A unique selling point about Quickstep is that they were the first to utilise the unique Uniclic installation system, making installation quicker and easier than other methods. It provides a refreshing alternative to click and tongue and groove methods, and allows you to avoid using nails or adhesive to install your flooring yet retain stability. In addition, there are matching accessories made specifically for Quickstep laminate flooring - including skirting boards - in our accessories section.

The Quickstep laminate flooring ranges we currently stock can be found below:

- Quickstep Classic Hydro - - Quickstep Eligna Hydro - Quickstep Eligna Wide - Quickstep Elite - Quickstep Exquisa - Quickstep Impressive - Quickstep Impressive Ultra - Quickstep Largo - Quickstep Majestic - Quickstep Perspective 4 - Quickstep Perspective Wide 4v -

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